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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diggity Pomegranate Liquor

In an effort to be a super-high-class-lady-chef-thingy, and my desire to be the ultimate fun-haver-even-though-I'm-a-mom, I have started making my own liquor.  Don't start thinking it's going to be good, or anything, but I figure that, at the very least, some over-served friends who come over to the house will think it's the bomb diggity.  The same friends will also think, at the time, that bomb diggity is a cool phrase.  

I'm starting off with pomegranate liquor for no good reason - other than I got pomegranate-happy one day at Kroger and came home with nine of them.  I'm not kidding... and I had no plan for them.  After staring at them in the fridge for too long, I decided this would be the perfect first liquor trial run. 
Don't you love my apron?  Don't mess with Texa[n]s!
The liquor has been marinating now for nearly a month.  Today I get to do a few fun steps i.e. straining and adding a homemade simple syrup!  

Then, right around mid-April when my professional life is absolutely going nutso as I'll be mid-Festival, my sweet liquor will be ready.  I'm pretty sure that, by then, amidst the madness, anything pomegranate and with an alcohol content will certainly taste like da bomb diggity to me...

Off the chain - with pomegranates IN YO FACE,

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